Welcome to the 15th Century Epping Tower
The development of Tallinn's fortifications and medieval arms and armour are the focus in this renovated tower from the 15th century. Six floors of interesting exhibits make this a great stop for the entire family. Visitors are invited to try on a selection of chainmail and armour, as well as handle medieval replica weapons. Visitors can also make a copy of Tallinn's first coin as a souvenir.  A variety of medieval handicrafts are also presented on a rotating basis. Epping tower offers a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

Six floors of exhibits with a view at the top:

• Siege Warfare and Medieval Arms and Armour

• Medieval handicrafts

• Masonry in Medieval Tallinn

• The Development of Tallinn's Fortifications

• The History of Epping Tower

Life-size, replica ballista

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